Pumpkin cake

What will you learn during the class

We have created this class especially for everyone who wants to touch the art of confectionery.

You will learn how to make incredibly beautiful, realistic and delicious pumpkin cakes at home without rare ingredients or special expensive molds and tools.
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You can see how our lessons look like 
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You can bake this cake with your children, surprise your friends or relatives and use this cooking method for other confectionery products.

What's included? 

Language: English


● 13 video parts
● 1 hour total video duration
● access for 6 months

RECIPE (7 components)

1. sponge cake with nuts
2. candied pumpkin
3. orange jelly
4. whipped ganache
5. chocolate glazing
6. marzipan decor
7. cake assembling

available for download

● full proof detailed recipe 
● ingredients and tools


Learn how to create unique realistic cakes at home without special tools at home


Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for any person, both for a housewife and for professional chefs

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have access for 6 months. 

What tools do I need?

Scales, stove, oven, fridge, freezer, mixer, whisk, sieve, pan, bowls, wooden stick, measuring cup, cutting board, cling film, threads, rubber bands, spatula, pastry bag.
optional: baking frame 18*18cm, nozzle 15mm, microwave

What ingredients do I need? 

Pumpkin or squash, orange, lemon, cream 33-36%, white chocolate, gelatin 180-200b (gold), flour, eggs, sugar, butter, cocoa powder, spice mix, cocoa butter
marple syrup (optional)
marzipan (substitution sugar paste)
matcha tea (substitution cocoa powder)
almond flour (substitution flour)
pecan nuts (substitutione any nuts or without),
orange/red/yeallow/green fat soluble colorant (substitution orange/white chocolate)
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Meet the instructor Dinara Kasko

How I was inspired to bake

Hi, I'm Dinara Kasko and I've been teaching pastry since 2016.
I'm pastry designer and my main goal is to create some unique cake's designs. Usually I use my silicone moulds for baking. But this time I made Pumpkin cake without any moulds, using simple and interesting method. So everyone can join my class and make amazing realistic cakes at home.

Join the course right now and bake with me



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